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Your Current Monthly Cost

Monthly Cost at

Cove Point Retirement

Home Cost & Upkeep

Mortgage/Rent (or if your mortgage is paid off, the interest you could earn by selling your home & putting the money in the bank)

Utilities (with the exception of telephone)

Building Maintenance and Repairs

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Property Insurance

Appliances & Repairs

24-hour Concierge, Emergency and Safety Systems

Dedicated Security Systems

Basic Cable and Wi-Fi

Daily Meals


Social Gatherings & Happy Hour

Live Entertainment

Wellness Center Access

Dining & Entertainment
Health & Wellness

Exercise Classes

Nutritional Program with Licensed Dietician & Special Dietary Needs

Bi-monthly Housekeeping

Seven Days a Week Transportation (cost of maintaining your current vehicle compared to utilizing our transportation programs)

Personal Trainer

Additional Amenities

Total Monthly Cost


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